Some guidelines and rules

Before burning you will be asked…

-have you read the “rules” on our site.

-have taken the fire safety course from the flow arts institute

  • This is a drug free, all ages space,
  • All photogrphers must have permission of persons photographed.. Please ask the event host about group photos to be coordinated.
  • no off leash pets
  • Fuel storage and soaking areas marked and away from any open flames.
  • Designated spin off zone, a designated performing zone.
  • respect saftey permiters keep burner areas for burners only getting ready or performing only
  • keep off limits sections off limits
  • No kerosene only white gas and/or lantern fluid.
  • Mandatory safety and guidelines review for all performers at each event.
  • Fire extinguishers as well as first aid gear.
  • Small participation fee from performers.
  • Suggested donation box for spectators.
  • the help of many caring volunteers
  • burners are required to inspect equipment before each burn
  • One trained safety person with fire retardant blanket per fire performer.
  • burners agree to stay in communication and coordinate with safeties
  • burners must agree to be safeties and coordinate with other event participants
  • no empty fuel cans in trash, bring own if possible. We will provide what we can
  • have fun
  • all burners required to take flow safety certification course?
  • burners are required to check in with the event host before performing to go over safety protocol and take info for fuel station lineup
  • please be smart and wear non flammable clothing
  • We highly suggest this fire-safety-course available online (here) via the flowartsinstitute for a small fee if you plan on burning

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Thank you for following all our guidelines and keeping this event safe, accessible, and fun for everyone!

please donate in person or on patreon to keep thee events going

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